Welcome to the virtual meeting point

IBPTECH possui infraestrutura para reuniões online, teletrabalho, análises forenses remotas e tele-educação.

IBPTECH has infrastructure for online meetings, teleworking, remote forensics analyses and tele-education.

This is a resource used to link remotely team workers, clients, law professionals, researchers, teachers and students.

In case you already use our services, you only need to schedule a meeting straight with the IBPTECH professional you are in touch with.

The IBPTECH virtual meeting point consists of several environments:

To enter the portal via Zoom your e-mail must be already registered on the provider, which you can do for free by clicking here.

After you register and receive the invitation by your contact on IBPETCH access the ZOOM IBPTECH PORTAL webpage.

To use this tool your company must be a Microsoft user on plans that include the TEAMS tool.

When you contact the IBPTECH professional you are in touch with you must inform you want to participate via MS TEAMS.

The access to the IBPTECH TEAMS environment is through your company user code or your particular Microsoft code by clicking here after we release the access.

There are other portals on the IBPTECH virtual meeting point, and they can be arranged according each job specifically.

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