IBPTECH was created in 2001 by the name IBP Brasil – Instituto Brasileiro de Peritos em Comércio Eletrônicos e Telemática. By that time, the name reflected an unprecedented meeting between historical and technological factors. The world had just been through the millennium bug, an expression widely used in reference to the predicted flaw systems worldwide were supposed to suffer as they identified the “year” with two digits only – the year after 99 would be 00. The creation of intelligent methods of data compensation were enough to avoid the tragedy despite the mistake on the name choice of the expression once the millennium would only begin the year after 2000.

The beginning of the new millennium, systems stability and new technologies such as the internet, electronical transitions and e-commerce, for instance, were favorable factors for IBP creation. Electronical fraud had increased during that period so the need to adjust contracts according to the virtual world which promoted Electronical Law due the increase of lawsuits on online business.

The press highlighted IBP creation and Update magazine, edited by AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce), mentioned the company referring to its professionals as cyber-experts.

During the following decades IBP operated all over Brazil and abroad with innovations regarding Science and Forensics Technology contemplating areas such as engineering, exact sciences, earth sciences, human sciences, agricultural sciences, health science, human sciences, linguistics, languages and arts. 

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